25 Oct 2016

Brabant meets the Israeli High-Tech

April 2016, in cooperation with BOM Business Development & Foreign Investments BV, we organized a workshop on Nanotechnologies at the High-Tech Campus Eindhoven. This event was part of our (in cooperation with Province of North-Brabant) continuous effort to establish a valuable network between two high-tech ecosystems: Eindhoven and Israel.

The event was opened with a speech of Mr. Pauli – the Vice Governor of Noord-Brabant. Kobi Kurtz, the director of KMM, was the moderator. Israeli high-tech companies – TowerJazz, Nanomotion, SP Nano, Maradin and SpacePharma – took part in the event. From the Dutch side, companies such as Philips, ASML, TNO, FUJIFILM, Hittech Group, Maser Engineering, KMWE, etc participated and had individual meetings with the Israeli participants.

Prof. Eisenstein from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Director of the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute) gave a presentation about his research on photonics. Prof. van der Heijden from TU Eindhoven (Department of Applied Physics; Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics) presented a research conducted by his group.