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Our expertise

We have significant experience in supporting various governmental clients throughout Europe (e.g. the Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway) in creating and building strong high-tech regions.

We help our clients in developing high-tech clusters by:

  • Attracting international high tech companies to invest in the region

  • Organizing international trade development programs to targeted clusters and markets

  • Creating strategic alliances with technology incubators, VC firms, leading universities, as well as research institutes

  • Initiating joint development programs between entities from the region (companies, universities, research institutes) and international partners

Developing high-tech regions

Regions need to innovate, because this makes it possible to generate growth, both through creating knowledge and technology clusters and through companies creating jobs to increase employment within a region. This makes the development of a high-tech region so important. However, most regions struggle with getting in contact with companies in other regions and especially with selecting relevant parties to partner up with.

KMM Innovations becomes part of this process and creates connections, both with other regions as with companies. This makes it possible to transfer knowledge and for companies also makes for opportunities in market penetration in new regions.

We are experienced and operate thoroughly and persistently when it comes to following up, creative in defining possible modes of cooperation and ultimately focused on helping regions develop contacts and set up events. Among others, we have assisted the Brabant region continiously, for example with setting up events in Israel.

Check our case studies

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