06 Dec 2017

KMM sharing technology scouting experience in China

We were invited to share our technology scouting experience in the ‘2017 Qingdao International Technology Transfer Conference & Aoshan Forum for Eurasia on Science and Technology’. Around 1000 professionals joined the conference: technology experts from global enterprises, academic researchers, professionals from technology transfer offices, representatives from provincial and municipal science technology departments, as well as international investment institutions.

During the “Advanced Manufacturing” session, Bert van der Heide introduced several advanced technologies and innovative applications, including smart, flexible robotics. During the conference, several contacts were established and discussions were started to support several leading Chinese corporations in reaching their goals in technology and innovation.

Based on our proven experience and expertise in establishing technology links between Europe and Israel, we are excited to extend our activities in Asia and look forward to building fruitful, trust-based relationships.

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