30 Jan 2017

Our Strategy Consulting Projects

We have just presented the findings of our study on market needs and business opportunities for one of our clients. Besides our technology scouting and business development projects, we greatly enjoy strategy consulting. Our client is a company that offers metrology related certification and testing services to the utility sector, which is facing radical changes due to emerging smart technologies and IoT, and massive smart-meter roll-outs.


How did we do it? We interviewed a number of experts from all the value-chain of the utilities industry, from grid operators to energy providers, smart meter manufacturers, their suppliers, etc. This holistic approach gave us thorough insights on the real needs, trends and challenges that the industry players are facing. We cross checked the gathered information and presented new business opportunities to our client. Our role does not end with simple recommendations on paper. We set and facilitate exact next steps for their execution, thanks to our extensive business network and experience gained in the field.


Here at KMM we do not limit ourselves when working for a client. Whatever the project is, we always strive to give our best by going beyond the formal requirements. We carefully study the company, its challenges, industry and the general market trends in order to help our customers thrive in today’s fast paced landscape!