18 Jun 2020

Third Brabant hightech event, Tel Aviv – RSVP 13 October, 2020

Following the successful event last year, we are happy to return to Israel with another delegation of leading technology companies from the Eindhoven region to explore mutual business and technology opportunities. Similar to last year, this event will provide an excellent opportunity to Israeli companies to meet with potential technology, development and manufacturing partners from the Netherlands that are world-class in their field.

A seminar and matchmaking event will take place on Tuesday 13 October in Tel Aviv.

Home to companies like Philips, ASML, NXP, FEI (Thermo Fischer), and VDL, the Eindhoven region is home to a major cluster of high-tech companies working in the medical, Semicon, photonics and electronics fields.

The current list of participants from the Eindhoven cluster includes:


Event program for 13 October:

10:00     Seminar program – presentations (by 2 keynotes speakers)

12:30     Networking lunch

13:30     Matchmaking program (1-on-1 meetings)

After the event, there is the possibility of company visits for participants that request exclusive meetings. These meetings will take place on October 14.


Coronavirus considerations:

We will work according to local authorities’ measures to ensure the health and safety of the event’s visitors. Further information and updates – will follow

Development of high-tech regions

The mission is supported by the Province of Brabant and the Brabant Development Corporation (BOM).

More information will follow shortly – please contact us to learn more.

Contact: Lizbeth Flores – T: +31-10-4531320 – lizbeth@kurtzmarketing.com